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Are you going to choose food as medicine for your autistic child after reading this post or continue strolling?

Do you wish you could have just one day where you can go out and do things with your child on the autism spectrum, without there being a big screaming fit?

I know you’ve been in tears, Momma…

You want a better life for your child, but you aren’t sure what steps are the right ones to help your child.

The reason why you’re struggling… is because your child is not getting the adequate nutrition needed to feel happy.

And when your child doesn’t feel right, they don’t act well. Their behavior suffers.

And when that suffers – your whole family suffers, and nobody is happy.

So, what do you do? How do you turn this all around?

Because if your child is like most children on the spectrum, your child is a picky eater.

And yes, it’s crazy, but true—most children on the autism spectrum (especially in the US where fast and processed food are rampant) are picky eaters.

The worst thing about this is that most of the major behavioral issues you see all stem from poor nutrition. Poor nutrition leads to immune dysregulation, dysbiosis, leaky gut, inflammation, and the list goes on…. It’s essential to make that distinction!

So here it is again: Autism doesn’t have to be a life sentence to never being able to go out and enjoy your life and do things with your family.

Not at all!

You can improve the behaviors in your child, no matter where they fall on the spectrum.

Autism isn’t causing your child’s behavior.

It’s their nutrition that is throwing them quickly out of balance, resulting in poor behavior, and THAT is harder on children who are on the spectrum because they don’t know how to handle their emotions.

This is why I love working with parents, coming alongside you as you come alongside your child and get what you need in place so that the entire family thrives!

Because you are an amazing, understanding parent who is just tired and needs to know the simple steps you can take to have a much better outcome with your child.

Because you have what it takes! There are just a few simple shifts that can make all of the difference.

Because your child’s behavior doesn’t have to stay this way.

EVEN though, your child is a picky eater.

Who eats just three different foods and pushes away everything else.

You can start making the changes that will radically improve their behavior.

This problem is happening because it is a sign that your child needs your help!!

So many parents are lost on what to do to get their child eating and loving healthy food. There is something you can do to help your child.

Picky eating isn’t something that your child is doing to cause you frustration.

It is a way that your child is trying to sound the alarm to you that something isn’t right.

Many children on the spectrum cannot verbally tell you what they are feeling, so you are left to guess.

When it comes to not getting adequate nutrition, there could be a whole host of different things that throw them entirely out of balance.

Here’s what you need to do to get things back on track

• It would help if you had the clarity to get clear on exactly what is going on with your child, then you can start to make progress towards helping him/her.

• You want to understand how our environment is causing stress on your child’s fragile body.

• You want to understand the role of nutrition play in the health of your child and have a plan on what to do to improve this

• You want to know how the detoxification system works and what you can do to make sure it is functioning optimally

• You want to consistently evaluate to see where your child needs your support and adjust as needed.

What can you do about your child’s picky eating?

• Clean up your child’s diet – removing all the foods that might be contributing to the imbalance of microbes in the gut. Focus on clean nutrient-rich whole foods. (remove all the excess sugar and carbs that are often craved due to dysbiosis)

• Work on healing your child’s gut to resolve intestinal permeability and balance out microbes

• Clean up your child’s environment-removing all the things that could be causing a toxic overload (i.e. MSG, Glyphosate, pesticides, herbicides, artificial ingredients, electromagnetic fields)

• Understand that picky eating is a sign that something is going wrong, and your child needs some support.

This is exactly what I guide the parents through that are in my 3-month private coaching program.

Fixing the root cause of your child’s picky eating will lead to a list of other achievements such as better behavior, improved sleep, improved cognitive ability, and so many other wins.

One of the main things that I address with my clients in my private coaching program that takes them from being frustrated and not knowing how to help their child to have hope that their child will eventually gain the quality of life that they deserve.

I also address how to manage your child’s behavior, sleep issues, potty training issues, sensory issues, and anything that might be causing your child discomfort.

Contact me here if interested in this program, and we will chat to see if you’re a good fit!  If so, we can get started right away, helping your child gain a better quality of life.


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