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Momma, why are you making this harder than it has to be?

I know you are sitting there reading this post saying that I make feeding kids healthier foods appear easy.

The truth of the matter is, I was exactly where you were today about nine years ago.

I was sitting there reading about how important nutrition was for children but was afraid to step out and take action when my son’s body was craving nutrients.

I didn’t start giving my child the most nutritious foods, even though I make it look easy now.

This is what my child’s diet looked like nine years ago:

👉🏿Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets
👉🏿Wendy’s Fries
👉🏿Wendy’s Chocolate Milk
👉🏿McDonalds Cheese Burgers

These were my child’s favorite foods, and I would stop by there on the way home at least 2-3X per week to grab this for him.

The reason I mention this to you is that I can relate to your pain.

I remember the little voice in my head telling me that this was too hard and that my child would starve if I stopped feeding him junk food he craved; that added no value.

It took me a long time to get over the fact that I could no longer stop by Wendy’s and grab his favorite food.

I was depressed over this.

So I totally get it, but…..

Momma, for this, to get easier for you, you have to stop making it harder than it is and get to work.

Here are some of the excuses that I hear:

👉🏿 I never have time
👉🏿 My child won’t eat that
👉🏿 I’m overwhelmed by just thinking about it
👉🏿 I don’t know where to start
👉🏿 It won’t work

These are all excuses that can easily be overcome. These excuses will not make it any easier on you.

As I think back, I don’t even know why I had those negative thoughts in my head.

I don’t even know why I was depressed over taking away my child’s favorite foods.

At the time, I didn’t know the harmful impact food had on my child’s health and wellbeing.

I had no clue that this food could contain ingredients that would negatively affect my child’s brain.

Maybe if I had known about this from the start, the depression would not have existed.

If you are reading this post, you cannot use that same excuse because I am here to tell you that some foods can have a negative impact on your child’s brain.

Back to my question …..

“Why are you making this harder than it has to be?”

Are you getting in the way of your child’s progression because you are making things out to be more complicated than they are?

There is no need to make this more complicated than it is.

Why… because

👉🏿 You can find time
👉🏿 Your child will eat more than you give them credit for
👉🏿 You are overwhelmed because you don’t have direction
👉🏿 You don’t know where to start because you haven’t asked for help
👉🏿 It won’t work if you won’t start

I think it’s time that you realize that the excuses will not help your child progress.

So what did I do to get over the hump about nine years ago when I was making things out to be more complicated than they were?

⭐ Understand that I wasn’t a bad mother just because I would not allow my child to eat the junk food contributing to his health decline.

⭐ Focused on learning more about how our food has changed and its positive and negative impacts on kids’ health.

⭐ Understand that the foods I had to remove all contained toxic ingredients, which helped change my mindset.

Food is Medicine, don’t make this harder than it actually is.

Take a deep breath and understand that you have to take action in order to see progress.

So why are YOU making this harder than it has to be if you can switch things slowly?

If you are sitting there making this hard because you are confused don’t know what to do, get on my waitlist for The Nutritional Approach Program.

This program will be released soon and provide you with the tools, support, and accountability you need to implement and maintain a more nutritious lifestyle for your child so that the entire family can gain a better quality of life.


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