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Is your Autistic toddler not sleeping well?

Do you have an autistic toddler or preschooler that is not sleeping well at night? If so, you want to continue reading this blog post in which I’ll share with you some things that you can do to help your child gain a better night’s sleep. If you are a parent looking to gain a better quality of life for your autistic child don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you will be notified of future videos.

#1 Diet

The first thing I would like to start by discussing is diet. If you have not already started improving your child’s diet. That’s going to be the top thing that I recommend you to do today to start helping your child gain a better night’s rest. I recall when my son was young, he would not sleep at night. He would get up at one or two in the morning. He would stay up until it was time to go to school.   He was afraid and just did not feel well.  It wasn’t until I worked on his diet before his sleep started to improve.

If you have not started implementing a change in your child’s diet that’s the first thing I’m going to suggest. You want to start by removing all of the gluten, dairy, excess sugar, artificial colorings, and preservatives that your child is eating. Start with diet and observe for any positive changes in sleep.

#2 Clean up your environment

The second thing that I’m going to recommend that you do for your child is to make sure your child’s sleep environment is as clean as possible.  Go to your child’s room and make sure there is nothing by his or her bed that might be causing sleep disturbance.   Things like TVs, electrical devices, Wi-Fi routers, and anything else that might be disrupting their sleep.  You want to make sure your child’s sleep environment is as clean as it possibly can.  If you sleep with your Wi-Fi on, I’m gonna highly suggest that you turn it off at night.  You would be amazed at how just doing something as simple as cleaning up their environment will help your child get a better night’s sleep.

I would like to hear from you in the comments now. Have you did anything to change your child’s diet? or Have you ever thought of looking around your child’s sleep environment and seeing what you can do to clean it up? Let me know if you’ve done anything in the comments below. I want to go ahead to a third thing that you can do.

#3 Food Quality

The third thing I would like to share is that you want to focus on feeding your child nutrient-rich food. Nutrition plays an important role in how our body functions and it affects sleep. Start looking at what you are feeding your child and try to improve it by adding in more nutrient-rich foods. If your child is eating junk food or candy before bed, remove it, do this and see if it helps your child gain better night rest.

#4 Supplementation

My final tip when it comes to your child’s improvement of sleep is supplementation. Sometimes parents have to rely on supplementation temporarily until their child’s gut starts functioning optimally.  Supplements such as melatonin, magnesium, and adrenal support can all be helpful to use temporarily. You want to work with your child’s physician to see what might work best for your child.

You also want to make sure your child is going to bed at a decent time. You don’t want to have your child staying up until midnight or 10 or 11 o’clock at night. Children need sleep. That’s when their bodies recover.  They need rest to make sure your child is going to bed early enough so they can have enough sleep to function the next day. I believe that cleaning up your child’s diet and improving their nutritional status will improve their sleep.

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