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Just because it worked for her Son doesn’t mean it will work for your Son.

Autism Mom, are you running out purchasing everything that you heard works for other people’s kids?

If this is you, listen up…..

👉🏿 Just because it worked for her SON doesn’t mean it will work for your SON.

I know you are trying everything you can to help your child.


Your child is unique, and you have to respect bio-individuality.

Bio-individuality means that we are all different, including our children; therefore, following someone else’s child protocol might not work for your child.

This is what I hear happening when mothers decide to do what everyone else is doing.

💡 My child crashed when I tried XYZ.

Momma, you have to understand that your child might not need XYZ and when you give it to them, their bodies will reject it.

This will also lead to negative behaviors….

👉🏿Not feeling well
👉🏿Wanting to be alone

This post isn’t meant to say there aren’t things that won’t benefit all children on the spectrum.

However, 👉🏿 You cannot be discouraged if one thing doesn’t work for your child.

Listen up, Momma!!

You know your child better than anyone.

If your child is crashing after you change up his/her protocol, please pay attention.

This could be a sign that….

👉🏿 Your child’s body is not quite ready for whatever you are introducing
👉🏿 Your child doesn’t need what you are giving
👉🏿 You are giving too much and need to slow down
👉🏿 Your child can’t tolerate it

Just know that everything that is done for other autistic kids might not be useful for your child.

Here’s the deal: So many of you are running out and trying different things that might be working, and some might not be working.

However, when you try something that doesn’t work, you want to give up and throw in the towel on everything.

Please understand that…

⭐ Your child is unique, and there isn’t one thing that works for everyone. This applies to our kids on the autism spectrum as well.

⭐ Your child will let you know when something is not working for them by the actions/behaviors they present. MOMMA PAY ATTENTION

⭐ You can’t throw in the towel if one thing doesn’t work for your child. Continue moving forward, and don’t waste any valuable time on it.

Here’s what you need to know 👇

If you shift to a more nutritional approach first and then look into where your child might continue to need more support, you might not be running so around so much looking for the next best thing to try.

Nutrition is the foundation, and working on that first will be so valuable in the long run.

There are so many different products, therapies, etc.


We have to go back to focusing on a nutritional foundation.

You might find that your child will no longer need XYZ if you focus on a more nutritional approach.

So what can you do:
👉 Evaluate
You can evaluate where your child is currently and see what areas you can start implementing nutritional changes.

👉 Implement
You can incorporate something new nutritionally into your child’s protocol.

👉 Re-Evaluate
You can re-evaluate to see if there are any improvements.

Doing this will allow you not to be overwhelmed but still make incremental progress towards improving the foundation of nutrition for your child.

If you are an overwhelmed Mom looking for some support throughout this process, please check out The Nutritional Approach Membership Program.

This program provides you with the tools, support, and accountability to implement and maintain a healthy nutritional plan that results in a much happier autistic child and a much better quality of life for your entire family.


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