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Momma, why you should not believe what the smartest person tells you?

I think it’s time that you realize no one has all the answers to your child’s problems.

Not everything the smartest person tells you is always true.

The question that I would love to be answered by the smartest person is why so many of our kids are being diagnosed with….

👉🏿Sensory Processing disorders
👉🏿Language delays
👉🏿Autoimmune disorders
👉🏿Food Sensitivities and Intolerances
👉🏿Gastrointestinal Disorder
👉🏿Constipation and Diarrhea
👉🏿Ear infections
👉🏿Learning disabilities

This is something that should be answered, but it is not.

Why are our kids becoming more and more ill?

Why are so many of our kids getting diagnoses that were not so common 15-20 years ago?

These are the questions that I wish you would take the time to ask the smartest person that might be telling you there isn’t anything that you can do to help your child.

So, why you should not believe what the smartest person tells you?

Momma, I repeat this 👉🏿 that person that you are relying on to help your child does not have all the answers.

They might have some answers, but if they had all the answers, they would be able to answer this for you….

Why is the rate of autism, ADHD, SPD, and other developmental delays skyrocketing 🚀?

Instead of getting this answered, we are told that the cause is UNKNOWN.🤔

We are told that there is nothing we can do to help our kids gain better lives.

I will have bought into this excuse if I have not witnessed with my own eyes how…

👉🏿 Lowering sugar can make a child’s behavior improves.

👉🏿 Removing gluten would have a child go from being in severe stomach pain to no pain at all.

👉🏿 Turning off wifi at night can have a child go from not sleeping at night to sleeping through the night.

👉🏿 Lowering the overall toxic load can have a child go from nonfunctioning to functioning optimally.

Why you should not believe what the smartest person tells you?

I would have bought into all of the “nothing you can do” if I didn’t take that first step and witnessed value.

This is why I am here today; this is why I created The Nutritional Spectrum.

To help YOU understand, you can do something to help your child gain a better quality of life.

It requires YOU to put in work, but the outcome can be life-changing.

Momma, I know you really want to believe everything you are being told.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you can’t believe everything you are told.

Those smart people don’t have all the answers and are not conducting enough research to determine what is going wrong with our kids.

We, as parents, are going to have to wake up and start…

Saying no, 👉🏿 I will not let you continue to bombard my child with…

💣 EMFs
💣 GMOs
💣 Radiation
💣 Artificial Ingredients
💣 Pesticides
💣 Herbicides
💣 Preservatives
💣 Glyphosate
💣 Air Pollution
💣 Heavy Metals

Momma, it’s really time to start paying a little more attention and questioning things a lot more than you are accustomed to.

Why?… because questioning that one thing might change your child’s quality of life for the good!!

You might be wondering what my suggestions are on this, and here are a few things that you could do.

⭐Understand that your kids are in trouble and need your help to improve their quality of life.

⭐Start researching things before giving them to your child, regardless of who tells you it is good for your child.

⭐Be your child’s advocate and fight for your child.

⭐Finally, don’t fall into the trap of thinking there is no hope for your child because there is so much you can do to help your child improve.

If you need support, please don’t let fear get in the way of asking for help. This is something that I work with my clients on that is in The Nutritional Approach Membership program.

This program was created to help you not become overwhelmed but to feel empowered to help your child gain a better quality of life.

Click here to join.


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