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 Helping parents of kids implement and maintain a more nutritional lifestyle so the entire family can have a better quality of life!!

One on one Private Coaching by Darolyn Lewis FNTP, CGP | Epidemic Answers Health Coach | AIP Health Coach

About Darolyn

Autism Mentorship Consultation

Are you a parent of a child on the autism spectrum that is working to help your child gain a better quality of life by focusing on lowering their overall body burden?  Do you need help in your journey to a healthier lifestyle for your child? My 1:1 autism mentorship consultation might just be what you need to get on the right path. 

DURATION: 60 minutes


Here’s what I can help you with when you sign up for the Autism Mentorship:

  • Help to understand what is possibly affecting your child
  • Help to navigate all of the therapy options
  • Help you come up with a plan for your child
  • Help you understand where you should start
  • Help you understand your child’s behavior
  • Suggestions and ideas on handling autism-related symptoms
  • Answer any questions you might have in regards to lowering your child’s burden

    Nutritional Consultation

    Do you need help getting started implementing more nutritious foods into your child’s diet and are confused about how to get started?  If so, I can help you get started down the path toward implementing a better nutritional diet for your child. 

    Whether you need help creating meal plans or understanding how you might transition your child, a 1:1 Nutritional consultation might just be what you need to get you over the hump. 

    DURATION: 60 minutes


    Here’s what I can help you with when you sign up for the Nutritional Consultation:

    • Help you determine the best way to transition your child towards a more nutritious diet
    • The simplest ways to transition your child to a healthier diet without the fuss
    • Benefits and drawbacks to whatever dietary protocol you might be interested in implementing
    • Help implenting a dietary plan that fits your individual child and family lifestyle so that you can get started without the overwhelming feeling that you have to do it all
    • Answer any specific questions you might have about implementing a more nutritional protocol
    • Help you with healthier food options for your child

      Follow-Up Sessions

      Only book a follow-up appointment if you have previously scheduled an autism mentorship or nutritional consultation. If you feel that this 30 minute follow up session will not be enough time for you to discuss your concerns, please proceed to scheduling a 60 minute Nutritional  Consultation or Autism Mentorship consultation.

      DURATION: 30 minutes


      What to expect:

      During your follow-up session, you will be able to ask any questions that you may have and discuss any concerns related to your autism mentorship session or nutritional consultation session. 

      After listening to Darolyn’s advice, implementing the nutritional approach to my son’s [with autism] diet, I have seen a lot of improvements in his behavior. His food changes have been amazing!

      – Norzon E.