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Are you currently googling these “possible causes of autism”?

The answer you might have found probably points to the fact that there is no known cause for autism; however, researchers believe environmental factors could contribute and could be one of the possible causes of autism.

You might be lost on what really is behind that term environmental factors.

I know I was completely lost on what this meant for my own son on the autism spectrum.

Here’s the deal….

Our world is becoming more and more toxic which is causing a toxic overload for many of our children on the autism spectrum.

These environmental toxins are contributing to some of the common complaints we see with children on the spectrum.

There are so many toxins in the environment making it so difficult to keep up.

You might feel that cleaning up the environment should take a back seat to everything else that is going on around you; however, it should be the other way around.

Momma, a lot has changed since you were a child.

You will be so surprised to find out that something as small as a bottle of cleaning solution could be affecting your child negatively.

You might be at the beginning of your autism journey and just starting to learn how environmental factors play a role in your child’s autism behaviors.

You may feel lost on what you can do to help lower your child’s toxic load.

You might be already overwhelmed with so many other things you are trying to do to help your child but I want you to know that cleaning up your child’s environment is just as important as cleaning up their diet.

Did you know that toxic chemicals found in the environment could cause this?

👉 Autism, ADHD, OCD, Learning disabilities

👉 Autoimmune disease

👉 Cancer, dementia,

👉 Neurological disorders

👉 Damage DNA

👉 Impaired detoxification

👉 Skin rashes

👉 Food sensitivities, allergies

👉 And so many more things

Our kids are in trouble if we as parents don’t do something to help with this toxic overload.

So, why is this toxic overload happening to our autistic children without anyone noticing?

These toxins are going undetected because they sneak in without parents even realizing what is going on.

These toxins are one of the possible causes of autism.

Here’s what you can do right now, to help clean up your child’s environment.

1. Understand where the toxins are coming from that your child might be exposed to (this requires you to take a look at what you are using in and around your house. Things such as cleaning agents, soaps, perfumes, toothpaste, air fresheners, cigarette smoke, and etc.

2. Once you understand where the toxins might be coming from you then try to find alternatives for each. This can take time to do but it is important to slowly start removing all the toxic items from your child’s environment.

Removing toxins and cleaning up your child’s environment is one big step in the full Nutritional Approach process I work through with parents in my private coaching.

I help parents learn the exact toxins to remove in their child’s environment that could be contributing to their toxic overload.

I also help address other nutritional deficiencies that could be the very thing that is leading to your child’s picky eating, sleep disruptions, tantrums, headbanging, screaming fits, overall sadness, and many other symptoms.

When you follow the Nutritional Approach right, you will see a tremendous difference in your young child on the spectrum.

With my own son, I started to see a difference in less than 3 months!

Contact me here If you are interested in this program, send me a message and we’ll chat. If so, we can get started right away, helping your child gain a better quality of life.

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