Did your child develop normally up until the age of 2, and all of a sudden something happened?

This is something that I heard a mother mention to another parent when I was sitting waiting for my child to finish up swim lessons.

She mentioned that after her son went for his pediatric check-up before the age of 2, about a few weeks later, things got bad for him.

Her son…..

👉🏿 Stopped talking
👉🏿 Became aggressive
👉🏿 Stopped sleeping through the night
👉🏿 Became difficult to calm
👉🏿 Stopped looking at her
👉🏿 Wanted to be in his own world

This is something that is happening but it is not normal Momma!!

It is happening so frequently that I want to make you aware of this so you understand the importance of questioning EVERYTHING you put in and on your preschooler’s body.

Listen up, Momma!!

You are not a bad mom if you ask questions and not agreeing with everything you are being told.

No matter who is telling you to do something, make sure you do your own research.

When your momma intuition tells you that something doesn’t seem right then make sure you pay attention and don’t ignore it.

One thing that made me happy about this mother that I mentioned was that she noticed the change and knew exactly where it came from.

She was so aware that she now is questioning everything that is being given to her child.

Her child was behaving and talking, but then something happened that turned the light switch OFF.

This mother knew that he was totally fine, and then things stopped.

Many of you share the same story over and over with me and others, but you might not be connecting the dots.

You know that your child was developing typically but may not understand why things stopped.

I understand!!

Here’s the deal: our children are so bombarded with all of the toxins introduced into this world🌎.

Some children’s detox pathways are working very good while others have a more challenging time processing toxins.

Toxins are coming into the body from so many different avenues.

Such as…

💣 EMFs
💣 GMOs
💣 Radiation
💣 Artificial Ingredients
💣 Pesticides
💣 Herbicides
💣 Preservatives
💣 Glyphosate
💣 Air Pollution

When our children with poor detoxification systems cannot keep up, we get a child that…..

👉🏿 Cannot Sleep
👉🏿 Cannot Think
👉🏿 Cannot Focus
👉🏿 Cannot Speak
👉🏿 Cannot Function
👉🏿 and the list goes on…..

This means that when toxins are introduced into your child’s body, and they cannot be detoxified, they stay in and cause many different problems.

Momma, 👉 when your child is toxic, they cannot thrive.

Here’s what you need to do to help your child:


⭐ Question everything that goes in and on your child’s body, no matter whom it comes from.

⭐ Start by reviewing everything that could be adding to your child’s toxic load and start to remove it. ( i.e. EMFs, artificial ingredients, pesticides, glyphosates..)

⭐ Work on adding in things that will help your child’s detoxification system work more efficiently.
👉 Clean air
👉 Clean water
👉 Clean Food

This is what I help to guide my clients through my private coaching. They come to me overwhelmed because they have no idea where to start when trying to reduce their child’s toxic load and leave with an action plan on where to begin.

Lowering your child’s toxic load is so important when working on improving your child’s quality of life. You don’t want to keep overloading your child when the signs and symptoms are pointing towards problems.

This is one of the main things I address with my clients in my private coaching program that takes mothers from being overwhelmed to focusing on the root of the problem: toxic overload.

I’ve just opened up a few FREE spots for my 1-to-1 complimentary discovery coaching sessions.  Where you will be able to share the struggles you are facing and hear how I might be able to help you gain a better quality of life.

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