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Momma, it’s not okay anymore! – Your personal guide!

Why it’s not okay anymore?

It’s not okay A-N-Y-M-O-R-E.

Your child is not well, and it’s not okay.

It’s not okay that you are being told.

👉 your child not sleeping through the night at the age of 4 is normal
👉 your child having constant ear infections from birth to 5 is normal
👉 your child having tics is normal
👉 your child having no speech at the age of 3 is normal
👉 your child not being able to communicate and tell you his/her needs is normal
👉 your child fighting you is normal
👉 your child screaming after a well-baby check is normal
👉 your child not being able to go out in public without a major meltdown is normal

Mommies, if you are being told 👇🏾

It’s normal, and give it time; I want to warn you that you need to trust your intuition.

If you feel that something is not right, then go with your gut feeling.

The things that are being told to you are not always true.

No one truly knows what you are going through regularly because they are not in your house.

I’ve been there before…

They will tell you that everything is normal and give it time; however, you have this gut feeling telling you that it’s not normal.

Then you decided NOT to go with your intuition…

What happens next? 👉🏿 You realize that you should have gone with your intuition and questioned things more.

I am telling you right now that if you feel it is NOT normal, don’t wait!

You might upset a few people, but if you have to ….

👉🏿 find another doctor
👉🏿 find another therapist
👉🏿 find another teacher
👉🏿 find other options…

Please do it NOW and don’t wait.

If I had chosen to listen to the information that I was given when my son was worse, who knows where he would be today.

I am seeing parents wait because they are being told it is normal when actuality, they are wasting valuable time that could be spent getting to the root cause of the problem instead of using the👇🏾

Wait, and let’s see what happens approach.

Momma, here’s the deal…

You might be witnessing some of the things I mentioned earlier at home and know it isn’t a normal part of development.

You wonder why no one else seems to be having this problem.

You discuss the issue, and it gets pushed off as being normal when it is a major problem.

You know it’s a problem, but you decide not to act.

Why it’s not okay anymore?

Why? 👉🏿 Maybe because you don’t know what is causing the problem.

I will tell you this and let you see if you can identify the potential culprit.

Here is just a glimpse of what your child’s body has to process in today’s world:

💣 Mercury
💣 EMFs
💣 GMOs
💣 Radiation
💣 Artificial Ingredients
💣 Pesticides
💣 Injections
💣 Herbicides
💣 Preservatives
💣 Glyphosate
💣 Air Pollution
💣 Preservatives
💣 Aluminum
💣 Mercury
💣 Sugar
💣 Plastics
💣 Contaminated Water
💣 And this list can go on and on and on…………

Are you still with me???

Now, have you identified your child’s problem yet? 🧐

If No 👉🏿 come back to this post when you have woken up. Obviously, you’re still asleep.

If Yes, 👉🏿 decide what you are going to do about it.

Momma, we have to start opening our eyes and stop listening to everything we are being fed.

Not everything you are told is the truth.

Here’s what I would like you to know as I conclude this post:

Every child will present different symptoms. These symptoms have a root cause, and as you work on the root cause, your child will get better.

Every time we feed our kids and expose them to toxins, their liver has to work hard to process this.

So what do you think happens when they get overloaded with all of the toxins I mentioned above? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

You get the very same symptoms that you are being told are NORMAL.

Here’s what I want you to do after you finish reading this post.

⭐ Spend some time learning about what is contributing to your child’s overall body burden and start taking small steps towards lowering it.

⭐ Understand that the “it’s a normal excuse” only causes you to lose valuable time that can be spent helping your child.

⭐ If your Momma intuition tells you something is not normal, listen and don’t ignore that.

Your child will get better if you choose to take action.

Your child needs your help, Momma!!

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