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Momma, you cannot dry your child off when he is still in the shower 👉🏿 Point Blank.

Why do you feel that it’s okay to skip everything and go straight to detoxification when you are still feeding your child JUNK and exposing them to toxins every day? You cannot dry your child off!

It’s not okay to think you can go straight to detoxing your child and ignore everything else.

Do you know what this will do for your child?

What does this look like in your child…

👉 Major behavior issues and meltdowns that you have not witnessed before

WHY, Because you are overloading them….

Your child cannot handle you skipping everything in the middle and going straight to detoxification.

You have to have a solid foundation and make sure your child is ready for this.

If you fail to do this, then you might be one of those mommas out there saying that.

“When I started trying to help my child gain a better quality of life naturally, it made him or her worse.”

YEP and this was when you decided to 👉 GIVE UP!!

I know you are probably reading this saying, well, I want to get this stuff out of my child.

Listen up, Momma!

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can detox your child, and everything will be better overnight.

If this is you, go ahead and 🛑 STOP reading this post right now because nothing I say from this point on will help you.

We often get so wrapped up in the reward that we want to forget about the process required to get to the reward.

Momma, you cannot omit the process.

If you omit the process, here’s what you will end up saying👇🏾

It doesn’t WORK!!

We NEVER tell the whole story…..

We don’t want to tell the fact that we…
💣 failed to clean up their diet
💣 failed to clean up the environment
💣 continued eating out and feeding them foods full of glyphosate and pesticides
💣 continued adding to their toxic load instead of lowering it

Momma, here’s the deal…

You might be thinking that you only have to worry about detoxing your child and nothing else.

But it’s like trying to dry your child off (DETOX) while they are still in the shower (being exposed to toxins).

This only leads to frustration and abandonment of the process.

You then will say that nothing is working for your child.

Momma, we have to start understanding that there is no quick fix, and it is time for us to trust the process and stop trying to omit it.

There is no need to rush and cause your child to be miserable because…
👉🏿 you want to be lazy and not change your child’s diet
👉🏿 you want to be lazy and not pay attention to your child’s environment
👉🏿 you want to follow what someone else is doing
👉🏿 you want a quick fix

You might be wondering what you can do instead of running straight to detoxification only.

So what can you do instead…
⭐ Understand that if your child’s detoxification pathways are blocked, which is the case for many of our kids, they will crash.

⭐ Understand that continuing to feed your child crappy food while trying to detox is like drying your child off while they are still in the shower. IT JUST DOESN’T WORK

⭐ Understand that focusing on the foundations, cleaning up your child’s diet, and lowering toxic load will help tremendously if done before moving to detoxification.

⭐ Food is Medicine; take time to stop and PAY ATTENTION.

Your child will get better if you choose to trust the process and not OMIT it.

Your child needs your help, Momma!!

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