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A Better Quality of Life


for your child & entire family


Holistic Nutrition For Kids & Family Wellness

A Better Quality of Life

for your child & entire family


Does your child exhibit any symptoms that concern you?






Sleep issues




Aggression problems


Developmental delays


Behavioral problems


Cognitive deficits

Is your head spinning just thinking about all the things you’ve been dealing with on?

I completely understand what you are going through.  



I am here to tell you that your child and entire families quality of life can be greatly improved if you commit to a new approach that focuses on lowering your child’s overall body burden. 

If you are looking for something that will help your child gain a better quality of life, chances are you are looking in all the wrong places.  You are missing one key component that will change your child’s life forever. That is?    

The Nutritional Approach

results in a transformed child both inside and out! 

After committing to the Nutritional Approach for my own son

After committing to lowering my own child’s body burden and using a more Nutritional Approach….. 

I have witnessed such a turn around!

It changed everything for me and I know when you begin taking the same steps, you will start seeing results too. . 

One thing that I have noticed is that the nutritional approach is often left out; however, it should be the first step you take. 

Focusing on lowering your child’s overall body burden through watching what goes in and on their body is the best first step towards improving their health.

This is why I created The Nutritional Spectrum so that you can  learn how to help your child and get your life back. I am here to help you help your child get better, the nutritional way. 

How can I get started

cleaning things up for my child 

Healthy Eating

We want our kids to eat healthy, but sometimes getting them to do so can be challenging. Educating kids about the importance of good nutrition and providing them with healthy food choices is critical. Creating a positive environment at mealtime and making healthy eating fun can also encourage kids to make healthier choices.

Healthy Living

Healthy living is more than just about eating right, it also means making sure the air our kids breathe, water they drink,  area they sleep, and play is healthy as well.  We want our kids to live in an environment that they can thrive, so we focus on healthy living overall and keep things as clean for them as possible!

Get started helping your child today one step at a time!!


This complete lunch guide gives you the tools to get started create healthy gluten and dairy-free lunches to help your child! This guide consists of the following:

  • Understanding the Importance of lunch making – so that you can get on board and see just how sending your child with their lunch can benefit them.
  • The best supplies to use – so that your child will be able to transport lunch with no problems.
  • How to simplify lunch making – so that you can spend less time in the kitchen and still provide your child with a healthy lunch.
  • The key components to a healthy lunch so that you will be able to create your child’s own lunch menu based on the foods your child enjoys.
  • How to find the best quality of food – so that you will be able to create healthy lunches with high-quality food which in return helps to lower your child’s toxic burden.

  • Learn substitute for gluten and dairy-free lunches – so that you are not spending so much time coming up with foods to pack in your child’s lunch. 


      I’m Darolyn Lewis

      I am a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Gaps Practitioner, Epidemic Answers & AIP Health Coach and founder of The Nutritional Spectrum LLC.

      I’m a mom, wife, and nutrition coach that helps parents, like you, implement and maintain a nutritious lifestyle, for your child, so that your whole family can have a better quality of life.

      I specialize in helping parents understand the connection between their child’s health and how environmental factors play a major role.  


      After listening to Darolyn’s advice, implementing the nutritional approach to my son’s diet, I have seen a lot of improvements in his behavior. His food changes have been amazing!


      – Norzon E.

      I have accomplished so much in the past 9 years with my son.

      I have accomplished so much with my child…

      But I clearly remember what it once was like  when I was told that I needed to focus on cleaning up his diet and environment in order to improve his quality of life. 

      You might be in a similar situation that I was years ago and feel lost on how you can help your child get better. 

      I am here to tell you that the children being born today are being impacted by so many stressors.  They are becoming so overloaded and it is shown by the symptoms you might be seeing.    

      I am here to tell you that the symptoms you are seeing can be improved if you commit to cleaning up your child’s diet and environment which in return will lower their body burden.

      I started down this path and haven’t turned back since.  You should do the same!!


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      It’s time for things to change for you, too!