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Last updated on May 23rd, 2023 at 03:41 pm

8 Common Mistakes Autism Parents are Making to Avoid

Being a parent of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) child can be challenging. While every autism journey is different, there are some common mistakes that parents make in their effort to help their children succeed. From not seeking help early enough to focusing too much on the diagnosis itself, these common mistakes parents make can have long-term effects on the development of children with autism. With proper guidance and understanding, however, these mistakes can be avoided and replaced with better strategies for supporting ASD children in achieving optimal outcomes.  Here are 8 common mistakes autism parents are making to avoid:

#1 Not researching things on your own before agreeing to allow children to participate.

not researching things on your ownAs parents of children with autism, it is critical that you take the initiative to research and thoroughly evaluate any new program or treatment that your child may be asked to participate in.

Failing to do so can be one of the 8 common mistakes parents make that should be avoided. It is important to remember that you know your child best; make sure any decision you make on their behalf takes into account their individual needs and resources before agreeing.

Take time to talk to other parents and seek out an alternative healthcare provider for second opinions before proceeding – it can go a long way toward finding the right solution for everyone involved.

 #2) Attacking parents that are working to recover their child’s health instead of learning from them and helping your child.

Parents of children with autism often face a difficult task, as they must determine the best strategies to ensure their child has the best chance to succeed. 

There are so many options out there for children on the autism spectrum to gain the best life but we have a tendency to criticize parents that have decided to try alternative therapies that are not accepted by the mainstream.  Therapies that should be the foundation, such as nutritional therapy, are being frowned upon when they should be the first step. 

This approach only hinders the progress of our children.  Instead of criticizing those that are working hard to help their children gain a better life, exchange helpful advice and tips because it might just help your child.

#3) Getting defensive with your childcare providers when they bring your child’s disruptive behavior to your attention.

It can be frustrating when your childcare provider brings their attention to your child’s disruptive behavior.

However, getting defensive will only get in the way of finding the root cause of the behavior and working on strategies to modify it going forward. Instead, work with your childcare provider; come up with solutions together that work for everyone.

By having positive communication, you’re helping ensure that your child is learning positive behaviors within a comfortable environment.

#4) Waiting for someone to come rescue your child instead of taking action.

waiting for someone to come and rescue youOne of the most important pieces of advice for autism parents is to take the initiative and not wait for someone else to come and save the day.

Failing to recognize the importance of taking proactive action can easily result in the child missing out on valuable opportunities for growth and development. Sitting back and placing all the pressure on other people, organizations, or systems will rarely, if ever, yield the desired outcome.

Therefore, understanding the importance of being your own best advocate and initiating the necessary steps to ensure your child’s progress is key. Doing so will undoubtedly lead to much better results than relying solely on others.

#5) Believing the lies that are being told instead of taking time to truly think if the lies even make sense.

It is an unfortunate truth that the world can be full of lies and misrepresentations. As the fifth of the common mistakes parents are making in order to avoid, it is essential to remember the importance of taking the time to process the information being told, instead of merely believing everything you hear.

Today’s era demands critical thinking skills to determine the accuracy or credibility of a source, and this mindset should especially be applied when the topic relates to autism.

Staying informed with the latest developments and industry news is key to advocating for your child.  There are so many things that are being shared and not everything makes sense.  Make sure you take some time to think before believing everything you are told, regardless of who it is coming from.  

#6) Use the wait-and-see approach for your child instead of the taking-action approach.

The sixth common mistake parents are making to avoid is the use of the wait-and-see approach for their child instead of the taking-action approach.

This mistake can be particularly harmful, as the situation often does not improve with the passage of time. It is in the best interest of the child to take swift and decisive action in order to maximize potential growth or development.

Stalling on treatment options or waiting to see how things progress can limit the progress the child makes, so it’s important to take the initiative and proactively seek solutions that are right for the individual needs of your child.

#7) Believing the lie- “There is nothing more you can do to help your child gain a better life”.

believing the lieBelieving the lie that there is nothing more one can do to help their child gain a better life, the seventh mistake parents are making, can result in the parent feeling completely powerless and helpless.

However, the truth of the matter is that there is still much we can do for our children, both as healthcare advocates and as educators.

As parents, we must take advantage of the myriad available resources and learning opportunities, to ensure our child has the best chance of reaching their goals.

Rather than accepting defeat, we should remain motivated and proactive in creating the most positive environment possible for our children – and ourselves.

#8) The biggest of them all watch who you are putting your trust in.

We all have the desire to give the best to our children, but the eighth common mistake parents are making is trusting the wrong people and resources.

It can be difficult to determine the right sources of advice and support, but it’s worth the effort in the long run. To ensure that your child enjoys the highest quality of life, you’ll want to rely on only the best guidance.

Avoid costly mistakes by taking a few moments to develop an informed understanding of your child’s individual needs and challenges. 

By taking my free training Autism Hope: 5-step process, you will be better equipped to help your child with autism thrive. This training provides actionable steps you can take to support your child’s unique needs. With the right information and strategies, you can prevent costly mistakes and set your child up for success. Give your child the best chance at a bright future by signing up for Autism Hope today.



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