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Nutrition, an important piece of the puzzle in autistic children

Today, I’m going to share with you why nutrition is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to having a toddler that has just been diagnosed with autism.  If you want to gain a better quality of life for your toddler on the autism spectrum, please remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 

#1 Nutrition affects behavior

Many children on the autism spectrum have some form of behavior issues.  Not all children but many of them have aggressive behaviors.  This can be directly related to nutrition.  Kids that are eating foods that are processed food that have no nutritional value oftentimes have behavior issues because these foods can and will cause them to act out.  These kids often crave sugary foods that include artificial flavors and coloring.  All of these foods can negatively affect behavior.  Therefore providing your child with a highly nutrient-rich diet can pay off in the future.

#2 Nutrition affects attention and focus

My number-two reason why nutrition is an important piece of the puzzle is that it directly affects attention and focus. If your child is on a diet that has no nutritional value it can directly affect how much they are able to focus in different settings.  They are not able to focus on therapies, at home, or any other school setting because of poor nutrition.  Feeding your child a diet that is highly nutrient will help them focus and their attention in any setting. I would like to hear from you now in the comments. Please tell me if you have tried to implement any nutritional changes in your autistic toddler’s life? If you have, was it a success? Did you notice any changes? um, Did you give up? What issues that you run into when you try to feed your child a more nutrient-rich food diet? 

#3 Nutrition affects sleep

My third reason why nutrition is an important piece of the puzzle is that it can directly affect sleep.  Many children on the autism spectrum lack sleep,  they just don’t sleep well.  One reason for this could be the food they are consuming.  If your child has poor nutrition, it could be causing them discomfort and pain that directly affects their sleep.  Therefore shifting to a more nutritional protocol will help them tremendously with discomfort and pain.  When your child is not sleeping at night, the next day they’re not able to focus at school.  They are also not able to benefit from any therapy sessions that they might be in because they will be too exhausted to pay attention and focus.  Switching to a more nutritional protocol can help with this.

#4 Nutrition affects the gastrointestinal system

My fourth and final reason why nutrition is an important piece of the puzzle is because of gastrointestinal issues. It is said that 90% of children on the autism spectrum have some form of gastrointestinal problems whether it be constipation diarrhea, upset stomach, and nausea.  Implementing a more nutritious approach will help to ease their stomach pain.  Many children on the spectrum have what is called a leaky gut, which is when food particles are able to leak through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream causing a host of symptoms.  Focusing on nutrition can help with this.  I believe that feeding your autistic toddler a more nutrient-rich diet will provide a better quality of life for them and the whole family.  

I’ve created a free pdf for you to download. This pdf has some snack recipes you can start implementing into your child’s diet right away that will provide some nutritional value.  Just sign up below for my newsletter and you will receive these recipes in your inbox.  


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