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Could lack of nutrients be the cause of your child’s sleepless nights?

Do you know the relationship between nutrition and sleep?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to help your child on the spectrum but are still looking to get some relief from the aggression, lack of sleep, tantrums, picky eating, and headbanging that happens on a daily basis?

I know you are currently searching google for something.. anything… that will help your child with these behaviors.

I totally get it!

You aren’t sure what to do but you know that something has to exist that can help your child!!

I’ve once been exactly where you are at.

Years ago, I wasn’t sleeping well because my child wasn’t sleeping well.

My son was 2 at the time but his sleeping patterns were similar to that of a newborn.

He was up all hours of the night which meant I never got a full night of sleep.

My son would also headbang.

I would constantly search to understand why a child 2 years old would want to bang his head on chairs and the wall for no reason.

I thought my son’s tantrums were a bit over the edge for his age and later found out that they were definitely over the top.

My son’s picky eating started to get worse.

He started to refuse some of the foods he loved eating.

He would drool all over the place and had little oral motor control.

I was stuck in the house most days due to his lack of cooperation.

When we did go out it had to be done in a team and needed to be done quickly.

We could not take him to the grocery stores shopping without it being a disaster.

I so desperately wanted things to get better and I knew that there had to be something that would help.

This is when I decided to branch out and find something that would truly help him to be happy and healthy.

After a lot of time, tears, trial, and error, I finally found what worked. 

I implemented this process and in the span of 3 months, before my eyes:

👉 my son was no longer headbanging

👉 his aggression stopped

👉 his tummy was feeling better

👉 he started to sleep 😴

👉 he would try small amounts of new foods

What created this drastic change in my son’s behavior was when I finally made the connection between food and behavior.

What my son ate, affected how he felt.

And for a child on the spectrum especially, this impacted his behavior drastically.

The same goes for your child too.

Perhaps you didn’t know that nutrition plays such a key role, I know I certainly didn’t when I first started implementing changes for my son.

But when I started, the results I saw were so drastic that I had to keep going down the nutritional path for my son.

Momma, I want you to know that your child’s behaviors can also greatly improve if you take a step back and look at their bodies as a whole.

Looking at their body as a whole and understand the relationship between nutrition and sleep will help you to start introducing the right changes that can help them feel more balanced, and therefore happier which will in turn help improve their behavior and give your child – you – and your entire family, a better quality of life.

I guide parents through every step of the Nutritional Approach process.

To help your child feel better, here’s what you can do:

1.) Remove all the foods that you are feeding your child that is hurting them (i.e-processed foods, excess sugar, artificial ingredients).

2.) Clean up your child’s environment (i.e. any toxic chemicals you are using in and around them).

3.) Remove gluten & dairy from your child’s diet.

4.) Focus on adding whole nutrient-dense foods.

5.) Work on stopping the inflammation- healing your child’s gut.

So, now you know the relationship between nutrition and sleep, and when you do this process right, you will start seeing the behaviors fade away and what will be left is a happy child on the spectrum, instead of an unhappy child.

This is exactly what I do with my clients in my 3-month private coaching program, taking them through the Nutritional Approach step-by-step that results in a much happier child.

You will start to see that your child is no longer picky with food, they can sleep better, they have fewer tantrums, they can potty train easier, and the list goes on and on.

Contact me here if interested in this program, and we will chat to see if you’re a good fit!  If so, we can get started right away, helping your child gain a better quality of life.

The Nutritional Spectrum has recipes that can help you get started adding more nutrient-rich foods into your child’s diet. Download it today for FREE here!


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