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Sneaky tips to hide nutrients into your toddler with an autism food

Today I would like to share with you four ways you can sneak nutrients into your child, on the autism spectrum, without them even knowing it. If you want to gain a better quality of life for your child on the autism spectrum, please remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 

#1 Smoothies

The first way that you can sneak nutrients into your child’s diet without them even knowing is through smoothies. Smoothies are amazing and you can add so many different things to smoothies to make them even more nutritious. For example, if I made a smoothie for my son I might add a teaspoon of coconut oil and/or avocado oil.  I also would add in some green leafy vegetables, bananas, and strawberries.  I often add in any vegetables that my child will eat without altering the taste too much.  Smoothies are an excellent way to hide nutrients for your autistic toddler.  Being creative and knowing what your child might enjoy is very important.

#2 Juicing

My second way to hide nutrients in food is through juicing. Juicing is just as beneficial as smoothies.  For juicing, all you have to do is get some vegetables and fruit to create a tasty juice.  Most of the time I use apples, carrots, beets, green vegetables, ginger, lemon, and lime to juice. You can create a juice that you know your child can tolerate.  It is important to get creative and try different fruits and vegetables to see which one your child enjoys.  If you haven’t juiced, I suggest you buy a juicer and start trying this method because it is tasty and is a great way to add nutrients.  I would like to hear from you in the comments,  have you ever had to get sneaky when it came to providing nutrients for your child? If so, let me know if it was successful? Leave your messages in the comments below.

#3 Popsicles

My third way that you can sneak nutrients into your child’s diet is through popsicles. Popsicles are so simple to make and kids love to eat popsicles. All you have to do is find a clean base such as yogurt, coconut water, or nut milk.  Then add a fruit such as berries, bananas, or whatever fruit you want your child to have. You can also mix some green vegetables in it to add even more nutrients.  You will put everything in a blender and after it is well blended just place it in popsicle molds and in the freezer for a few hours or overnight.  Many children won’t even notice the different nutrients that you have added to the popsicles.  You can get creative with popsicles, mix and match a lot of different things in them and still make them taste good.  

#4 Sauces

My fourth and final way that you can sneak nutrients into your child’s diet is through sauces. There are so many different sauces out there. If you’re making a dairy-free version of alfredo sauce you could definitely sneak nutrients into that.  I have tried creating an avocado dressing that was full of nutrients and tasted amazing.  I have also added different types of healthy fat to my kids’ nut butter that is used for dipping apples or bananas.  Ketchup is another big one that many kids on the spectrum enjoy.  To make this more nutrient-rich, try fermenting it.  If your child enjoys spaghetti, why not sneak nutrients into the pasta sauce.  All of these sauces are great ways to sneak nutrients into your child’s diet.  Eventually, you won’t have to be sneaky and your child will eat a bigger variety of food.  This is my final way that you can get nutrients in your child’s diet.

I believe that getting creative and sneaking nutrients whenever possible into your autistic toddler or preschooler’s diet is an important step to gaining a better quality of life for your entire family.  I’ve created a free pdf for you to download. This pdf has some snack recipes you can start implementing into your child’s diet right away that will provide some nutritional value.  Just sign up below for my newsletter and you will receive these recipes in your inbox.  


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