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Last updated on May 14th, 2024 at 02:59 am

The great Calcium alternatives for dairy-free Kids

The dairy-free lifestyle is becoming more popular among kids as parents become more aware of allergies and sensitivities to dairy products. However, a significant downside for many parents is you can’t allow your child to enjoy that nice glass of milk or yogurt they once would enjoy. You might worry that your child is not getting any calcium because you have removed that milk and other dairy products. In this post, we’ll explore some calcium alternatives you can consider for your dairy-free child! Read on to learn more about these three delicious options.

#1 Almonds

My first source of Calcium alternatives for dairy-free kids is almonds. Almonds are a great source of Calcium. Almonds are the perfect way to get your daily Calcium fix. An ounce of almonds contains about 11% of all you need in a day and contains Vitamin E, Protein, and fiber. Almonds are nature’s gift: they offer essential nutrients like Protein, Calcium, and vitamin E, as well as being delicious snacks that can be eaten on the go!

#2 Collard greens

Another good Calcium alternatives for dairy-free kids are collard greens. Collard greens are great for your bones! You can get a lot of calcium by eating this leafy green. Collard Greens make you healthier and stronger because they’re packed with Calcium, essential to bone health. Collard greens are an easy way to get your daily child’s dose of vitamins with just one serving. They also have lots of vitamins A, K, and C to help keep you healthy!

#3 Figs

Figs are my next Calcium alternatives for dairy-free kids, but this is only one benefit. Figs can also help your digestion by increasing stomach acid and boosting the production of hydrochloric acid in your gut! Figs have many benefits, not just because they offer you essential nutrients like vitamin C or Potassium. They’re even beneficial to those with digestive issues: figs increase stomach acids that aid proper food breakdown while producing more hydrochloric acid for great digestion. Not to mention they taste amazing raw, on ice cream, or any other dessert!

We know the dairy-free lifestyle can be difficult for kids, but we also understand it is becoming less of a novelty and more common. With our Nutrient Rich Recipe Guide, you will find some great ways to start adding dairy-free, nutrient-rich food to your child’s diet. Download your FREE guide here today!! If you would like to read my casein-free blog post, you may check it out as well.


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