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Last updated on May 15th, 2024 at 03:44 am

What matters when it comes to your child’s nutrition?

It’s hard to know what matters when it comes to your child’s nutrition.
There are so many conflicting messages, and at times we as parents can be so overwhelmed with all the information that is out there.

I know how difficult it can be in the beginning to be told you need to improve your child’s diet.

You are lost, confused, scared, and don’t even know where to start.

This blog post will give you a few areas to start focusing on that will prevent you from being confused.

#1.) Focus on eating more real food

Focusing on eating more real foods and less packaged and processed foods is a great start. With the increased use of processed foods and packaged items, it’s no wonder our kids are becoming sicker and sicker. Eating real food is a great way to get them healthier. With the many fast food options, eating real food can be tough sometimes. It is essential to add foods that are the closest to their natural state with minimal ingredients. If you keep it simple, then you will be less overwhelmed. You will have less information to learn because you know food in its most natural state is the healthiest for your child.

#2.) Makeover one meal at a time

Rather than trying to do everything at once, just focus on making one of your child’s meals at a time. You can just focus on making your child’s breakfast and leave everything else the same until you get the breakfast understood. Then you can move on to lunch, snacks, and dinner to keep you from getting overwhelmed and being burned out. There is no right or wrong way to do this. I feel that doing everything at once causes many families to abandon cleaning up their children’s diets. This is mainly because they attempt to go cold turkey, and they don’t have a plan. Try making over one meal at a time and see how it goes.

#3.) Don’t feel you have to be perfect

It’s okay to be imperfect. Don’t feel that you have to be perfect as you start to implement dietary changes. Initially, you will need time to learn and adjust to what your child will eat. As you know healthier foods for your child, you will continue to grow and enhance your diet. It takes time to learn, and you will get better. Don’t feel pressured to be perfect.

As a parent, your child’s nutrition is one of the most crucial aspects of their life.
You want to do everything you can for them, so they grow up healthy with all the nutrients they need to thrive. However, it can be tough when there are conflicting messages about what matters.
I know how hard it was, in the beginning, trying to figure out where to start or what changes were necessary when my doctor told me we needed improvements in my son’s diet.

That’s why I created The Nutritional Spectrum Lunch Guide – a comprehensive list of lunch ideas that you can use as a guide to improving your child’s lunch.
If this sounds like something you want that would help you improve your child’s diet, download it today here. Let me help you get started on your journey toward implementing a healthier nutritional lifestyle for your child.

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